Question: What is a feminine siren?

The Siren is of highly charged traditionally-feminine energy and tends to attract those of a completely opposite, traditionally-masculine energy. When we think feminine, we think of the female sex, and when we think of masculine, we think of the male sex.

Can a woman be a siren?

Todays Siren is a woman who, by some mysterious combination of qualities, is irresistible to men. Not all men, necessarily. Not each man, every time. But a Sirens batting average is very high.

What is a siren seducer?

1. THE SIREN. The first and most ancient seducer of all is the Siren. She represents male fantasy. She is supremely confident, highly sexual, smells of danger, and is physically undeniable.

What are the 13 archetypes?

There are 13 seduction archetypes; the siren, the sophisticate, the boss, the bohemian, the coquette, the goddess, the enigma, the sensualist, the lady, the diva, the empress, the ingenue and the gamine.

What is the difference between mermaids and sirens?

The main difference between sirens and mermaids is that sirens are usually depicted as evil temptress that lure sailors to their deaths, while mermaids are usually depicted as peaceful, non-violent creatures that try to live their lives away from human interference.

What is a female archetype?

The female archetypes give insight into your instinctual behavior. Much like a horoscope, they provide a sense of identity and a set of thoughts and behaviors that help you better understand your inner mind. When you keep repeating the same behaviors, your subconscious mind is at play.

Are sirens pretty?

The original sirens were actually bird-women on a remote Greek island, sometimes named as Anthemoessa. In some depictions, they had clawed feet, and in others, they had wings. But originally, they werent shown as being overly beautiful. It wasnt their physical charms that lured sailors to their death.

What kills a siren?

Bronze dagger and victims blood – The only way to kill a siren is to stab it with a bronze dagger dipped into the blood of someone it has infected. The death of a siren releases its victims from its hold. Mirrors – A sirens true face can be seen in a mirror.

How do I find a shadow self?

To find your shadow, you need to have some capacity for psychological mindedness. That is, you need to be able to look inside yourself and wonder about the key aspects of yourself that justify your version of reality and self-concept. And then think some about what makes you defensive.

At what age does a woman become a Crone?

At what age do you become a crone? We think of Crone as the stage in a womans life when she enters menopause, usually around age 50. In archetypal language, the maiden, the mother and the crone personify the feminine.

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