Question: Where do Ivy League graduates end up?

If you attend a high-ranking university, its very likely youll end up with a job in consulting and/or investment banking. In 2017, nearly 40 percent of Harvard graduates took consulting or finance jobs. That statistic remains equal or higher across other Ivy League universities.

Where do most Ivy League graduates work?

Examples Of Ivy League Graduate Occupations As you can tell from the chart, most are concentrated in Boston, NYC, SF, DC, and LA. Many work for typical blue chip companies like Google, McKinsey, and Goldman Sachs. And many do Business Development, Education, and Entrepreneurship.

Does graduating from an Ivy League matter?

But it turns out that there is no difference between the earnings of those who graduated from an Ivy vs. those who did not (but were admitted). This suggests that it is the similar attributes among the students that mattered, not the Ivy League brand or its “social capital” contained in alumni networks.

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