Question: Who is I Love New York dating now?

On the “I Love New York” reunion special Monday night, star Tiffany Pollard revealed she recently got engaged! To find love the way I did, I stopped looking for it, and it literally found me, and Im engaged, just 21 days old, she told host Vivica A. Fox.

Is tailor made and I Love New York still together?

What happened to Tailor Made from Season 2 of VH1s I Love New York? Well, the New York native is still living in his home state! While he hasnt done much on the acting front in a few years, the former reality star now focuses on building his businesses. From his Instagram, Tailor Made has found love after New York!

Who is I Love New York fiance?

Proctor High School. Pollard was engaged to the I Love New York season 1 winner Patrick Tango Hunter for a six-month period until Hunter called off the engagement on the reunion show. She was also engaged to George Tailor Made Weisgerber, the winner of I Love New York 2.

Was Tiffany Pollard pregnant?

Pollard first found out she was pregnant while filming “Family Therapy” in 2016. However, as seen on the show, Sister Patterson didnt believe her daughter was pregnant and stated that “if” Pollard had a baby, she would take the child from her. Harvey also added his two cents, calling Patterson “crazy.”

Who is New Yorks mom?

Michelle Rothschild-Patterson Tiffany Pollard/Mothers

Is Sister Patterson New Yorks real mom?

Michelle Rothschild-Patterson (born November 17, 1961), also known as Sister Patterson, is known for her work in reality television and for being the mother of reality TV personality Tiffany New York Pollard, whom she has starred alongside on reality shows such as VH1s I Love New York and Family Therapy with Dr.

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