Question: How could I delete my Shaadi com account?

How can I delete my Shaadi .com account?

Deleting your profile:Go to My Shaadi Page.Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Account Setting.Click Hide/Delete Profile to proceed.

How do I delete my shortlisted profile on Shaadi com?

How do I delete Shortlisted profiles? Login using your #matrimonial User ID and Password. Click on the Shortlisted Profiles. You could view and delete the Bookmarked members !

Can I recover my deleted Jeevansathi account?

Any profile deleted by the profile user cannot be retrieved under any circumstances.

How do you know who shortlisted me in Jeevansathi?

Shortlisted Member This member is in your shortlist. You can view the shortlist by clicking on the Shortlisted Profiles link in Contact Center.

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