Question: How old is my Ercol table?

How do I identify my Ercol coffee table?

Ercol furniture can be identified by a label, stamp, or badge, depending on the year that it was made. The pieces from the 1950s to the 1970s would each have a small, square label that is blue and silver. This makers mark evolved to the most recent centenary logos which has the Ercol lion.

Are all Ercol tables stamped?

Ercol Markings “All pieces of Ercol will have some sort of mark on them. These marks have varied over the years, and we have used stamps, labels and more recently, badges.

When was ercol furniture made?

1920 ercol was founded in 1920 by a young Italian, Lucian Ercolani, whose simple goal was to make furniture that was well designed and made in a good working environment by craftsmen who took pride in their work.

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