Question: How do you fit a subwoofer to a standard head unit?

The only way to add a sub to a standard stereo is to add pre-outs, using something known as a “High-Level Input to Low-Level Output” converter. This wires into the speaker outputs coming out of the back of the stereo – I wire these into the rear speakers.

Do you need a head unit for subwoofers?

You wont get the exact same sound quality from your subwoofers as you would if you had an aftermarket stereo (like Alpine or Kenwood) in your car. Still, it sounds fine unless youve got a meticulous ear like me. If thats the case youll want to use…

Can you put a home theater system in your car?

If youre wondering whether you can use home speakers in your car, its possible to do so. Just ensure you dont overpower them with your car amplifier. However, home speakers arent designed to withstand extreme conditions in a car such as temperature, humidity, ultraviolet exposure, and vibrations like car speakers.

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