Question: What does it mean when she only wants to be friends?

She might have a dozen reasons ranging from shes not interested in a relationship right now; shes not attracted to people of your gender, shes focusing on her career or education, etc. Or maybe it is you. But that doesnt mean its a bad thing. Maybe she values you as a friend.

What does just friends mean to a girl?

: a friend with whom one is not in a romantic relationship when one might possibly be Sara and Joe say they are just friends.

How do you seduce a girl who is a friend?

If the friend you want to seduce is already close and comfortable enough with you, regular conversation should come naturally to the two of you. With the foundations in place, youll want to work playful flirting into your talk. Exchanging light, teasing remarks into your conversation is a great place to start.

How do you know if she just wants to be friends?

6 subtle signs she wants to be just a friend!01/7Tell-tale signs that shes treating you as a good friend only 02/7She discusses her love life with you. 03/7​She is trying to hook you up with someone else. 04/7​Her body language says it all. 05/7​You guys hang out in a group. 06/7​The way she addresses you.More items •16 Dec 2017

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