Question: Who is Popbob?

popbob was an infamous oldfag, and griefer who joined in early 2011 from 4chan, and is now inactive. She [Notes 1] is significantly famous among modern 2b2t and other servers due to being popularized and subject in many videos by YouTuber FitMC. As of today, she is used in various shitposts and memes relating to 2b2t.popbob was an infamous oldfag, and griefer

What happened to Popbob?

popbob went on to become an infamous griefer and toxic player. During The Third Incursion, popbobs griefing reign finally ended when the incursion members hunted popbob down and caused her to combat log. After this, popbob has left and rejoined many times on alt accounts or on her main.

Who created 2b2t?

Hausemaster 2b2t—2builders2tools—was created in 2010 by a user named Hausemaster and is known as the worst place in Minecraft. It has its own subreddit, a webcomic and a 2b2t Press news site, where pseudonymous players post updates on the ongoing wars latest atrocities.

How did 2b2t get its name?

After his friend Kalash was banned from 2f2f, he began a Steam group under the name 2b2t in August 2010. The groups aim was to host servers for different games, the most prominent of which was the Garrys Mod server.

How do I get out of 2b2t spawn?

0:416:48How to Escape Spawn on 2b2t - YouTubeYouTube

Did Tommyinnit get banned on Hypixel?

Tommyinnit just got banned for scamming.

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