Question: What language does the people in Senegal speak?

French is the official language. Other languages spoken are Wolof, Pulaar, Serer, Diola and Mandingo. Major Cities: Dakar is the nations capital and its largest city.

What languages do people speak in Senegal and why?

Senegal has French as its official language, although only 12% of the population can speak it. Other minority languages include Serer, Pulaar, Diola, Mandingo and Sarakole while Wolof is the national language. The official language of the Gambia is English. Other languages include Mandingo, Fula, and Wolof.

Do they speak Swahili in Senegal?

The Wolof language belongs to the Niger-Congo language family, which also includes Swahili, Zulu and Lingala. The last two languages belong to the Bantu subgroup of languages.

Is French the main language in Senegal?

Some 39 languages are spoken in Senegal, including French (the official language) and Arabic. Linguists divide the African languages spoken there into two families: Atlantic and Mande.

Does Senegal speak English?

French is the countrys official language. Most Senegalese also speak a local African language, such as Wolof. English is an official language in 21 African countries, mostly in the eastern part of the continent. Africans in Anglophone countries sometimes have mixed feelings about the language.

How do you say hello in Senegal?

Greetings and essentialsSalaam aleekum (Sa-laam-a-ley-kum): hello;Respond with malekum salaam (mal-ay-kum-sal-aam): hello to you. Respond with maa ngi fi (man-gi-fi): Im fine, thanks. Jërejëf (je-re-jef): thank you. Waaw / déedéyt (wao / dey-dey): yes / no.More items •Oct 15, 2018

What is I love you in Wolof?

I love you. Begg naa la (general)

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