Question: What is the best way to chat online?

How can I chat with others online?

You have a lot of options for chatting online with people you know, most of which are free. Aside from email and text, you can use popular apps to chat via text or do a video chat .Method 1 of 4: Choosing a Chat App or Chat RoomFacebook messenger.Whatsapp.Skype.Kik.Snapchat.

What are some ways to chat?

9 Messaging Apps for Alternative Ways to Chat. Not all text-based messaging comes in the form of a text or iMessage from device to device, there are an increasing number of chat apps that allow users to communicate directly. Google Allo. Kik. Kindly. Psst! Threema. Truth. Whisper.More items

What can I use to chat with friends?

The best video chat apps to turn social distancing into distant Skype (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, web) FB Messenger (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows) WhatsApp Messenger (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, web) Google Duo or Hangouts (iOS, Android, web) Marco Polo (iOS, Android) Houseparty (iOS, Android, web)23 Mar 2020

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