Question: What was DRUM magazine and what role did it play?

DRUM is a South African online family magazine mainly aimed at black readers containing market news, entertainment and feature articles. In 2005 it was described as the first black lifestyle magazine in Africa, but it is noted chiefly for its early 1950s and 1960s reportage of township life under apartheid.

What is the drum magazine?

The Drum is a leading global publisher for the marketing and media industries. Our mission is to help our 1.2 million-plus readers prepare for whats next. We provide actionable insights, guidance, inspiration and solutions.

Who started drum magazine?

broadcaster Robert Crisp This year marks the magazines 60th anniversary, which we are celebrating by publishing new material and key profiles over the next month. The magazine, initially established as The African Drum by journalist and broadcaster Robert Crisp, was not at first financially successful.

When did drum magazine begin?

1951 Drum/First issue date

Is Drum magazine still published?

DRUM magazine, which has been a staple for decades and was a symbol of defiance against apartheid in its early days, will no longer to be physically printed but will instead be online only.

Do extended mags make your gun jam?

Theres a reason militaries stick to 30 round mags - theyre the most reliable for their performance. Spring tension in larger magazines can cause frequent jams if not meticulously maintained. So, lets say that a rifle has a 1% increased chance to jam per missing durability, e.g. 90% dur = 10% jam.

Are drum magazines any good?

For military forces, the drum magazine is far from optimum. Its heavy, hard to carry a multitude of, and is generally not useful enough to merit serious consideration. Without military forces and possible military contracts, drum magazine innovation could be considered stalled.

Are Tommy Guns illegal to own?

Rather than an explicit federal ban on machine guns, the law was designed to tax Tommy Guns out of existence. The law so effectively ended the spread and use of submachine guns the federal government didnt get around to actually banning civilian ownership until 1986.

Did Bonnie and Clyde use Tommy Guns?

45 caliber Thompson Sub-Machine Gun was believed to have been used by Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. The sellers great-grandfather, who was in law enforcement, was given the gun after the weapon was seized in a raid in Joplin, Mo., in April 1933.

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