Question: Is Tinder available for Android?

Tinder is currently available on iOS, Android, and HMS devices. Along with our mobile apps, you can visit to use Tinder for Web. We also offer a lightweight version of Tinder you can take anywhere and everywhere - download Tinder Lite from the Google Play store.

Can you get Tinder on a Samsung?

To download and install the Tinder app: Start by turning on your mobile device. Then, find the Play Store (App Store on iOS devices) application, and tap it to open it. (On Android devices, as shown here, Tinders logo will appear to point you right to the app.) Once you find the Tinder app, tap the Install button.

How do you know if someone has blocked you on Tinder?

Just as social media indicates when youve been blocked (albeit in subtle ways), whenever you unmatch someone on Tinder, youll be removed from each others match lists and you wont be able to message each other anymore.

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