Question: What do you do after beating Maxie in Emerald?

Beat Maxie and then collect the Escape Rope through the door nearby use it to leave the cave. Now lets go get Aqua. Fly to Slateport and head to the north. Talk to Captain Stern and Archie announces hes going to steal the submarine.

Where do you go after beating Team Magma at Mt chimney in Emerald?

After you defeat the leader, the other teams leader thanks you. Check on the machine to get the Meteorite. Then go south, past the cable car, and use the south exit to enter Jagged Pass. You can go back to Mt.

What should I do after defeating Team Magma at Mt chimney?

What Do You Do After You Stop Team Magma in Mt. Chimney in Pokemon Emerald?Go down Jaggered Path. Walk down Jaggered Path until you run into a suspicious-looking Magma Grunt next to a rock.Battle the Magma Grunt. Obtain the Magma Symbol. Go to the hideout. Defeat enemies, and pick up items. Defeat Tabitha. Defeat Maxie.

What do I do after Mt pyre in Emerald?

In Emerald, go to Jagged Pass. You can use the Magma Emblem to open the Magma Hideout in Jagged Pass. Go through the hideout and battle Maxie at the end, then leave the hideout.

Where do I go after Team Magmas hideout?

After the battle, take the green warp pad to the northeast. This will return you to the hideouts entrance. Return to Lilycove City, restore your Pokemons health, and resupply on items if you need to. Your next destination is Route 124 to the east.

What do I do with the Meteorite in Emerald?

Effect. In Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, the Meteorite can be given back to Professor Cozmo in exchange for TM27 Return. In FireRed and LeafGreen, after Lostelle is rescued at the Berry Forest, the Meteorite can be given her father at the Game Corner on Two Island in exchange for a Moon Stone.

Should I take the root or claw fossil?

The root fossil and claw fossil revive to pokemon. The root revives Lileep and the Claw fossil revives Anorith. Take them to the 2nd floor of the Devon Corp building in Rustboro City. The man near the back right will tell you he can revive them.

Where do I go after Lilycove Emerald?

You have to go east from Lilycove, but Team Aqua/Magma is blocking the way. The only thing you can do now is go back to Route 121, then use the dock in the middle to Surf south to Route 122.

Where do I go after Fortree City Emerald?

After defeating her, exit Fortree again via the east exit and back over the bridge Steven was on. Continue south, east then south again all the way until you can go east onto Route 121. Continue right and some Team Aqua members will head off to Mt. Pyre.

What do you do after getting the red orb?

In Pokémon Ruby, after going to Mt. Pyre and getting the Red Orb, you have to go to Lilycove City and enter Team Magmas Hideout.

How do you get out of Team Magmas hideout?

Go north and then east, and step on the warp tile. Then go south and use Surf to leave the hideout. Now that you have defeated Courtney, you can Surf east from Lilycove City to reach Route 124.

What happens if you dont remove the Meteorite in Pokemon Emerald?

Reward for the Meteorite The meteorites only use is to be exchanged for a reward; it cant be sold and can only be given to one person: Professor Cozmo. Leave Mt. Chimney and return to Fallarbor town.

Which is better Cradily or Armaldo?

Cradily fills doubly duty as a Grass type, and has solid balanced defences and decent balanced offenses. Armaldo may lack good moves for its Bug typing in RSE but it hits much harder than Cradily at the expense of less special bulk.

What is Armaldo weak against?

Rock SteelWater Armaldo/Weakness

How do you get rid of the Wailmers in Pokémon Emerald?

After the battle you will discover Archie has escaped once more. Take the warp panel in the last room to return to the entrance. The Wailmer are now gone from Route 124, allowing you to use the Surf ability to reach Mossdeep City.

Is Kecleon a good Pokemon in Emerald?

Found a Protean Kecleon in the wild and have used it throughout the game. Definitely a fun Pokemon to use! I really like Kecleon because of Shadow Sneak and sucker punch. It can also learn Aerial Ace so thats immunity to normal, fighting, psychic, and ground attacks if you can guess correctly.

Does Kecleon evolve in emerald?

This Pokémon does not evolve.

Where do I go after getting the Blue Orb?

After the orb has been received, the player can encounter Kyogre at the Embedded Tower. In Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Team Aqua will steal the Blue Orb from the summit of Mt. Pyre and use it to awaken Kyogre.

What do you do after you beat May in Lilycove City?

After beating her, go to the Lilycove Museum, and talk to the old man blocking the staircase. Hell take you upstairs and tells you he needs paintings to be hung on the second floor. You can also check out the Lilycove Department Store. It have five floors full of items, and a rooftop with a vending machine.

Where is Team Aqua hideout Emerald?

Lilycove City Generation(s) available. Team Aqua Hideout is a location in Hoenn, located near Lilycove City. It is the base of operations for the criminal organization Team Aqua in Pokémon Sapphire and Pokémon Emerald.

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