Question: Why serial monogamy is bad?

Why serial monogamy is bad for you: Relationships stimulate our brains like DRUGS and we need a single break to shake off the withdrawal symptoms. Being addicted to love means youre addicted to the attachment and comfort of a person and really addicted to the dopamine high that comes along with the relationship.

Is serial monogamy good?

While its good that serial monogamists will last through some tough times, staying for love isnt always healthy. Relationships can be toxic, abusive and just mismatched. You may often stay in relationships they know are bad, just to avoid being alone.

Is serial monogamy natural?

On the basis of a comprehensive study, David Barash and Judith Lipton conclude that there is no evidence that monogamy is somehow natural or normal for humans; on the contrary, there is abundant evidence that people have long been prone to having multiple sexual partners.

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