Question: How did I Meet my husband who was shorter than me?

Can wife be taller than husband?

Most couples are still husband taller, but now 7.8 percent have a taller wife—more than twice as many. Now we can see that from same-height up to man 7 to 8 inches taller, there are more couples than we would expect by chance. In these data, we could find shorter husbands for 28 percent of the wives.

Is it OK to marry a shorter man?

Short men are 269% more likely to marry someone of the same height than a man of average height, and 1,450% more likely to marry someone taller. Tall men are unlikely to to partner with someone whos their own height, let alone someone taller.

How Does height affect marriage?

Height difference does not matter for many couples as it hardly makes any difference in a relationship. According to the research by Kitae Sohn, couples have the happiest marriages when short women tie the knot with taller men. As per the research data, wives happiness was directly linked to their husbands height.

What is the perfect height for couples?

On average, women say a romantic partner 53” or shorter is generally too short for comfort, while a partner 63” or taller is too tall, and the “ideal” height for a man is 511”. The survey also finds that for the average British man, a partner becomes too short at 411” and too tall at 6.

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