Question: What is the role of a Mexican wife?

The wife is expected to be submissive, faithful, devoted and respectful toward her husband. She should seek his advice and obtain his permission before undertaking any but the most minor activities. A wife should be industrious and frugal and should manage to save money no matter how little her husbands income.

What are Mexican family values?

The Mexican-American family has retained the features of father dominance, masculine superiority, strict disciplining of children, separation of the sex roles, and emphasis on submission and obedience to authority figures, which also characterize the Mexican family.

What are Mexican family traditions?

In traditional Mexican culture, the whole family unit usually stays very closely connected; generations of families will typically live very close in proximity, or even within the same household. Decisions regarding relationships, education, money, etc. are typically made as a whole family.

What do Mexicans do in their spare time?

When theyre not sleeping in the afternoon, Mexicans do pretty much the same you and me in their spare time. They like to watch television, read books, meet friends and go shopping. Of course, lots of time is spent at family parties, eating large meals and catching up.

What is the secret of Chinese beautiful skin?

Chinese beauties have soft, smooth and supple skin. They make face masks of egg whites to keep the facial skin glowing and taut. Egg whites are astringent that leads to firmer skin. Apply the egg whites and let it dry .

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