Question: What kind of camping mains lead do I Need?

What cable is used for caravan hook-up?

All modern caravans and motorhomes should be supplied with a 25-metre flexible cable (usually orange, so that it can be seen in the grass to avoid people tripping over it) with pre-fitted 3-pin blue connectors suitable for UK sites. They should be compliant with BS EN 60309-2.

What is the difference between 15 amp and 30 amp?

A 15 amp site is more for tent campers They can run an extension cord into the tent for fans, lights, charging cellphones, etc 30amp (30TT) is designed for a camper.

Can you take a normal fridge camping?

You can bring your standard refrigerator only if you have enough space on your vehicle. To cut the inconvenience and never compromise the quality of your outdoor experience and life, you can opt for a camping refrigerator to help you keep everything cold while enjoying the beauty of nature.

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