Question: What is Tallahassee mean?

What do Tallahassee mean?

old town “Tallahassee” is an Apalachee Indian word meaning “old town” or “abandoned fields.” The area became an abandoned Apalachee village. In 1656, a Spanish deputy governor and his crew settled in the Apalachee town that they called San Luis in west Tallahassee.

Why is it called Tallahassee?

Tallahassee, named for the old fields that it once encompassed, earned the title early in the 16th century from the Apalachee Indians who inhabited the area. Legend says that the final spelling was chosen by Octavia Walton, daughter of the territorial governor of Florida.

What is Tallahassee nickname?

Tally Tallahassee is actually the capital of Florida, not Miami or Orlando, as some might assume! Tallahassees nickname is “Tally”.

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