Question: Who is Keira Knightley partner?

Is Keira Knightley in a relationship?

Keira Knightley relationships include actors and a musician. Keira Knightley boyfriend Rupert Friend was with the actress for several years. The current Keira Knightley husband is James Righton. Keira Knightley married the musician in 2016.

Is Keira Knightley still married?

Keira Knightley will adopt her husband and musician James Rightons surname. The two have been married for eight years.

Who was Keira Knightley engaged to?

James Righton (Reuters) - “Pirates of the Caribbean” actress Keira Knightley is engaged to marry her musician boyfriend James Righton, her publicist said on Friday.

Is Keira Knightley wedding dress?

However it later emerged that she had a secret second wedding, and she wore a custom Valentino gown for it. It apparently had layered lace and was embellished with tiny pink flowers. Sadly, no one ever got to see the dress as the actress kept it private (rightly so), but she reveal what shes done with it though.

Does Dior make wedding dresses?

Nothing is too much for the bride who wants to pull out all the stops, from exclusive venues to luxury wedding dresses, for their special day. With ruffled tiers of tulle, sheer bodice, and a braided one-shoulder strap, this Dior dress is definitely Bride Wars-worthy.

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