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What is in a swirl at Aquis?

An Aqui swirl is a mixture of their classic “Industrial Margarita,” tequila, lime juice and vodka, along with 7-Eleven slurpee adjacent flavorings, and sometimes more alcohol to create a unique and individual taste.

What is Unicorn swirl ice cream?

Complete with a blue icing unicorn swirl, the Unicorn Swirl Ice Cream has a cake-batter-flavored base and bits of icing-covered animal crackers in every spoonful, according to Candy Hunting on Instagram. So its basically a party in your mouth (cake included).

What flavor is Superman ice cream?

So what IS the flavor of Superman Ice Cream? While the most common combination includes blue moon, cherry, and vanilla ice cream, many different versions of Superman Ice Cream are sprinkled around Michigan and the Midwest. Atlas Obscura says the Superman flavors are actually vanilla, blue moon and Red Pop.

What flavor is Unicorn ice cream?

Targets unicorn ice cream is sour and fruity while Walmarts is cake-flavored. The Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream also has purple frosting swirls and candy confetti pieces. To add to the fun, the candy pieces are shaped like stars!

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