Question: Who did Ciara date after Bow Wow?

Ciara and Bow Wows lives after their split For her part, Ciara reportedly went to date stars such as 50 Cent, Amare Stoudemire, and Future, with whom she shares a son, Future Zahir, 6.

Who all has Ciara dated?

A Look Back At the Famous Men Ciara Dated and Was Engaged to Before Russell WilsonBow Wow. Back in 2004, the singer was in a relationship with Shad Moss, who is better known by his stage name Bow Wow. 50 Cent. In 2007, the “1,2 Step” artist began dating Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent. Amare Stoudemire. Future.16 Apr 2019

Did Ciara used to date 50 Cent?

CIARA AND 50 CENT Ciara began dating 50 Cent in 2007 and spent the next three years together before breaking up in 2010. During their relationship, the two entertainers collaborated on the song Cant Leave Em Alone.

Who was Ciara married to before?

Russell Wilsonm. 2016 Ciara/Spouse

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