Question: Who owns DRUM magazine?

The magazine was revived in 1968 and purchased in 1984 by Naspers, the owners of City Press and True Love. In 2010, South Africas Media24 shut down subsidiary magazines Drum and True Love in Kenya, citing low sales. Carol Mandi, the Kenyan publishing mogul and her husband purchased the two magazines in 2011.

Who owned Drum magazine?

Media24 Drum (South African magazine)Year founded1951Final issue2000 (print)CompanyMedia24CountrySouth AfricaBased inJohannesburg2 more rows

Which guns have drum magazines MW?

75 Round Drum Mags is an attachment featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It is a magazine extension for the AK-47 and AK-12 assault rifles.

Can a felon buy gun magazines?

1 attorney answer Your an ex-felon so you cant possess high capacity magazines no matter what a court rules.

What is a drum magazine in warzone?

Description. Drum magazines hold 100 rounds of 5.65 NATO, maximizing ammo capacity at the expense of mobility. A situational attachment that trades mobility for better fire sustainability.

What is a magazine in Codm?

Extended Mags (shortened from Extended Magazines) is an attachment available in every main game since Call of Duty: World at War, as well as appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified, Call of Duty Online and Call of Duty: Mobile. It usually increases the magazine capacity of weapons by 33%-100%.

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